3 Tips to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter 2023

October 17, 2022

For many riders, the thought of taking their bike out in the winter is enough to make them shiver. But if you’re properly prepared, winter can be one of the most pleasant seasons to ride your bike!

The most important piece of gear for a winter rider is, obviously, proper winter tires. But there are other items that are just as important, like gloves, boots, and base layers. If you’re looking to stay comfortable on your bike during the colder months, here’s what you need to know about winter motorcycle gear.

Installing a Ceramic Coating

When you install a ce­ramic coating on your motorcycle, you get more than just a be­autiful appearance. It provides an array of unbe­atable advantages. Firstly, it kee­ps your bike's paint and finish in perfect condition by prote­cting them from harmful UV rays, rain, and road contaminants.

The coating forms a strong barrier that make­s it difficult for stains, grime, and water to adhere­ to the surface. This not only maintains the luste­r of your motorcycle over time but also re­duces the number of time­s you need to wash it.

Winter we­ather can be tough on motorcycles, with salt, calcium, and de­-icing chemicals covering the roads. The­se substances are ne­cessary for safe driving but can cause damage­ to a motorcycle's paint job. That's where ce­ramic coatings come in.

Coatings act as a protective­ barrier, shielding the paint from the­se corrosive ele­ments. By preventing dire­ct contact, ceramic coatings help preve­nt damage, rust formation, and premature we­ar. For riders who want their motorcycles to maintain the­ir vibrancy and last longer, ceramic coatings offer an e­ssential layer of protection against the­ harsh winter conditions.

Winter Tires

The best tires for winter riding are those with a deep tread pattern. The deeper the tread, the more grip you’ll have on slippery surfaces.

Many riders also like to add studs to their tires for extra grip. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where there is a lot of ice. Just be sure to add studs to both tyres, as having only one studded tire can actually make it harder to ride!

The main benefit of having motorcycle winter tires is the extra grip they provide in cold and wet conditions. Mud and snow-rated tires have a special tread pattern that helps to grip the road in slippery conditions. The snowflake symbol on the tire indicates that the tire has been approved for use in winter conditions.

Winter Jacket & Clothing

Now that you've covered tires, it's time for you to dress up appropriately for winter. For clothing, you’ll want to dress in layers. Start with a base layer that wicks away sweat, then add a insulating layer and a waterproof outer layer. You might also want to invest in some Goretex gear specifically designed for motorcycles, such as gloves, booties, and winter motorcycle jackets.

For your jacket, it is important to pay close attention to its Waterproofing and Windproofing capabilities. As those will determine if you come back from your ride cold and wet or warm and dry.

If you live in a particularly wet climate or spend a lot of time riding in the rain, a waterproof jacket is a good investment. If you don't ride in the wet often, then you might be better off with a water-resistant jacket, which will provide some protection from the elements but won't be as effective in torrential downpours.

Washing & Wax

Giving your bike one last comprehensive wash and wax before winter will help you preserve its paint, chrome, and other metals in as new a condition as possible. Washing a bike with its many spokes and pipes is challenging and quite frustrating at times. Diesel steam cleaners have grown in popularity amongst motorcyclists as they help wash a bike much faster than with a bucket and sponge.

Once cleaned, you can use a polish by machine or buffer to remove small scratches from the paint and metals. Finish it all up with a good coat of wax or sealant to help prevent abrasive compounds such as salt or calcium from ruining your finish.

If you take the proper precautions, winter can be an enjoyable time to ride your motorcycle. Be sure to invest in winter tires and clothing, and give your bike a good wash before the season starts. By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy riding all year round!

BMW Adventure Concept Bike in Winter Conditions

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